We engineer the finest rubber powders
for a variety of applications and industries.

About Us

With successful operations spanning over twenty-seven years, Edge Rubber’s Chambersburg, PA location is the longest standing, most successful facility producing fine rubber powder in the United States.

Edge is the only manufacturer that uses wet-grind technology to produce a premium fine-grade product with special surface characteristics providing recycled content and performance enhancement for the automotive and other industries.

Edge has supplied over one billion pounds of fine rubber powder to automotive, sealant, custom compounding, hose, membrane and other businesses around the world.


ISO 9001

Our Products

Powder from Wet-Grind Method

Edge Rubber is the only wet-grind manufacturer in the industry. The wet-grind system produces a premium fine rubber powder with special surface characteristics that meet the demanding specifications of such industries as automotive, sealants, specialty coatings and membranes and custom compounding. The surface characteristics and shape of the particles produced with this system enable the product to be more successfully integrated into other polymer materials.

Powder from Ambient-Grind Method

Edge Rubber also utilizes ambient grinding technology to produce fine rubber powder for such industries as automotive, molded goods and asphalt.


Edge Rubber has a full state-of-the-art rubber powder test lab, and performs all standard chemical tests and sieve analyses using the latest technology and test equipment, including Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis (TGA). We produce fine rubber powders from various types of recycled tire material, and test raw material streams and finished product to ensure that our rubber meets all of our customers’ requirements on every shipment. Edge Rubber uses ASTM test method D-5644 for performing sieve analyses on our fine rubber powders.

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